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The Threeenticles myth story by Zoe Paulet

Many years ago in the year 1397, lived a beautiful, 13 year old girl named Zoe Ice. She lived in a small flat in Side, Turkey with her mother she loved dearly. But there was one problem, her poor mother was sick which meant she couldn’t work or earn money. Zoe did all she could to help gain money for the two of them. In the mornings she would do a paper round to collect money for food and her mother’s medicine. They were quite poor and were deeply in debt. Zoe was seriously worried that they were to be chucked out onto the streets; homeless…

Now, Zoe sounds like a normal everyday girl but the thing was that she wasn’t. Zoe was gifted with special powers when she was 3 years old and she has never been normal since then. Her first power was an ability to swim 50,000 meters in just a minute. Furthermore, the next power was the ability to freeze anything or anyone just by glaring into their eyes. The name ‘Zoe’ is Greek meaning life so that means she would never die! I know what you’re thinking, how did she receive all these powers? Well, at the age of 3, a cursed jelly fish stung her but instead of dying she found herself with all these life changing powers!

Our story starts on a bright, sunny day when Zoe was out on her paper round. She was handing out the papers when on the front page, she noticed the news headline:

Her green, emerald eyes scanned the page slowly, taking in all the information.
‘1 million pound reward,’ she thought, ‘that’s enough to pay the rent and get mothers medicine. I guess I could try and attempt the interview. If I tell Zeus about my powers, he might be faithful enough in me to put me forward!’
Zoe looked at the time on the high-street clock. 12:30 Am. She grabbed the papers and sprinted the rest of her paper round, trying to finish before the clock striked 1 o’clock…

Her heart was beating fast with worry and tense. Zoe was sitting outside the towering temple waiting for her interview with Zeus. If she didn’t get chosen, she wouldn’t be able to get the money for her mother or the flat.
“Zoe Ice!”
Zoe’s head snapped round to where she heard her name being called. A person with a scroll stood near the entrance of the posh temple.
“Zeus is waiting for you,” the man informed her,
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Opening her eyes, she stood up and put on a brave smile. Got to look brave right? She walked up to where the man was standing and walked inside the temple, walking into a room full of tension and awkwardness...

Once seated at a big oak desk, Zoe started to calm.
“Hello Zoe,” Zeus welcomed her with a beaming smile.
“Sir,” she said, bowing her head.
“So, you think you have what it takes to defeat the Threeenticles?” he questioned.
“Yes definitely sir,” She remarked confidently,
“What do you have to offer?”
“Well I am not a normal human. I have special powers that only I and my mother know about,” Zoe admitted.
“What are these powers may I ask?” Zeus asked, intrigued.
“I can swim 50,000 metres in just one minute, I can freeze things just by glaring into their eyes and I’m immortal. You see, when I was 3 years old I got stung by a cursed jelly fish and I received all these powers. So, with my powers I think I can defeat the monster,” She spilled out.
“Do you have a plan of how to kill this monster?”
“Yes of course! I was thinking that when I find the beast, I will get him at the edge of a cliff, use my ability to freeze him and push him off the edge so he shatters into a million pieces never to return!” Zoe said.

“Very interesting plan! That will be all for now Zoe! Thank you! We will invite you all back at 5pm to reveal the person we think is the most courageous and capable of this situation,” Zeus informed her, smiling.
Zoe nodded and smiled, “Thank you sir,”
She stood up from her chair and walked out the temple, her stomach turning.

A humungous crowd gathered outside the temple, half participants and half local people who were intrigued to find out who would be ‘the chosen one’. Zoe looked at the many people around her.
‘These people look very courageous and brave to me. I don’t stand a chance!’ She thought to herself.
She bit her lip anxiously.
Suddenly, a deafening chorus of applause and whistles filled Zoe’s ears. Zeus stepped outside the temple and stood up straight and confidently.
“Thank you. Now earlier today, 10 bold, valiant people came to this temple and spoke up about how they can defeat this ghastly beast. All of them were unfeignedly very good cases and all of their plots to kill this monster were excellent. So firstly, I would like to applaud them all for making my decision really hard!” Zeus boomed, smiling at the crowd.
Everybody clapped, almost as loud as a herd of elephants at a rock concert. Zoe smiled shyly and stared at the floor.

“But there can only be one person who can stand up to the vicious Threeenticles. This person, I believe, is very capable of destroying it and put this city back into freedom. I put all my faith in her and believe she can do it. People of Side, the chosen one to destroy evil is… Zoe Ice!” Zeus announced

Zoe looked up from the floor, eyes wide. All eyes turned to her. A rush of applause and cheering suddenly surrounded her. She beamed a smile and looked up at Zeus, eyes shining. He smiled at her and signalled for her to stand with him.
“Everybody, I give to you Zoe Ice the chosen one!”

Zoe trudged through the forest, nearing the cliffs. She had been traveling for 2 hours trying to find the monstrosity. She was about to give up when she heard a gurgling noise coming from the edge of the cliffs. Zoe halted, frozen. Was it what she was looking for? She sprinted through the rest of the forest until she got to the cliffs. Once again, Zoe halted to a stop, terror chilling her spine making her shiver. Right in front of her, was the Threeenticles. Its dark purple tentacles were wrapped around a helpless goat. It turned around its full head in view. Its razor sharp teeth were bared out at the poor girl. Its three eyes were red with evil as its hateful glare pierced into her soul.

Zoe gulped, a lump suddenly appearing in her throat. She took a step forward, a silver dagger in her hand. She knew that with her powers she wouldn’t need the dagger of destiny, but Zeus wouldn’t take no for an answer. The Threeenticles suddenly snarled at her glaring at her. She threw the dagger at the beast, trying to finish the job easily. However, the Threeenticles wasn’t going to give up on its life that easily. It stepped to the side so the blade rushed past it and swiftly fell off the cliff. The beast stared at her with aggravation and abhorrence. Zoe ran into the monster and they both went flailing off the cliff. She grabbed the monstrosity’s tentacles as the Threeenticles grabbed the edge of the cliff. Evil stared at her icily as they hanged off the cliff, both of their lives hanging by a thread.
‘It’s time,’ she thought,
She took a deep breath and ,making sure the beast was looking at her, she stared into its deep, red flaming eyes. When she saw the panicked monster starting to freeze, Zoe jumped up and grabbed onto the nearest tree at the edge of the cliff. She pulled herself up onto the cliff edge and stood up proudly. Evil was demolished as its figure turned into ice. Zoe walked over to its frozen body and kicked it. It fell from the cliff and shattered into a million pieces onto the white sands of Yolol beach. She had did it!

“Everybody gather! Zoe Ice has returned from her mission of defeating evil. Thanks to her, our city is free from trouble! We may live freely again without the permanent worry of the monstrosity! Our city is safe!” Zeus beamed, spreading the good news. He grabbed Zoe’s hand a lifted it up high, a sign of victory and determination!

So what happened next? Well I can tell you now that after Zoe’s victory she could afford her mother’s medicine. She paid the rent and stayed with her mother at home for a few days after. After that few days, her mother regained health and could start working. She was so proud of her daughter and they stuck together, side by side.  Everybody was proud of Zoe and she was so cheerful. Zoe protected Side from all monsters and evil until the end of her life. Now to this day, the people of Side still talk about the great girl who protected their city. And who knows? Zoe might still be protecting the world and Side to this day!              

Written by Zoe Morgan Paulet 7RTH

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