Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Welcome to The Oracle!

Welcome to the new look Oracle e-magazine!

This is the place to find out what students at Christ the King College think and feel about things that matter to them! From news articles to audio interviews, photography to short films, this is your chance to showcase to the world what you care about and what matters to you! Features can be college-based stories or anything else that you think would interest people of your age (perhaps you want to feature something you are involved in outside of college, like a club or event, or simply write a film or book review). Remember: the great thing about the e-magazine is that you can use ICT in a variety of ways, so think about how best you can present your work!

Your articles can be in any format: copy (just words!), photos, audio or video! Simply email your contribution to and, if it's selected, your work will appear on the blog!

If you have any questions regarding a feature you would like to submit, you can email the address above, or come and speak to me in L3!


Mrs Leahy :)

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